It happened!

Let technology be your witness.

Incident Genie is a free reporting app that records the time and place of any incident you need to record.

With push of a button, Incident Genie safely stores the GPS data, date, and time of an incident on your phone and supported cloud services. You can easily include photos, videos, and witnesses for any incident.

Incident Genie allows you to recall and report incident details to authorities, law enforcement, or your attorney.
Be prepared! Download the free app today and let technology be your witness.

Incident types: sexual abuse, rape, bulling, all types of harassment, discrimination and retaliation, domestic violence, slip and fall accidents, car accidents, work related, workers compensation.

Incident Genie
by Legal Genie, LLC

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Incident Genie free app

Coming soon to Android.

“No proof” and “no corroboration” are no longer acceptable arguments.

Incident Genie captures your location, audio and video and saves it to your phone or to a cloud server of your choice, so it’s accessible if your phone is destroyed or stolen.